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Family: a Safe Heaven in a World of Turbulence

by Mustafa Mencutekin

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: Sep 15, 2013 • 128 Pages • 6 x 9 inch • ISBN 9781935295242
: Philosophy,
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Offering a particular world view, understanding of economics, popular trademarks, and ways of consumption, modernity compels “modern” and “isolating” sorts of relationship that ostracizes “the family” from its territories as it is the most strongest station of resistance to so called virtues of modernity. In short, modernism simply tears “the family” to shreds as masses of people that have emigrated to metropolises and undergone economic woes are now fully imprisoned by the concepts of “the nuclear family”, that is a mere euphemism of “family lost”, and a tendency of a life lead independent from “the family.” This collection of articles that have been published before in The Fountain Magazine seeks reasonable answers to the vital question of how a new ideal of family could be constructed without passing over the spirit of time, be it called as “modern or post-modern times.” The articles handle the essential issues of “the family” and do not neglect the vitality of upbringing the fruits of it, who are mostly called the generation of internet or the age of technology.
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Mustafa Mencutekin
Mustafa Mencutekin

Mustafa Mencutekin (Mencutekin) is the Chair of the Department of Animation Film in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Marmara University. He has written several articles in Turkish and English about the communicative and morphological aspects of movies. He has taught cinema in communication studies in the Distance Learning Program in Alfred University, Istanbul, Turkey. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey.