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Incredible Ottoman Projects

by Turan Sahin

This book is about the magnificent works of Ottoman architecture, reflecting the grandeur of the Ottoman rulers

: Dec 31, 2013 • 128 Pages • 12.5x10.5 inches • ISBN 9781935295273
: 9781935295273
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During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, one of the largest and lasting empires in history, many great architectural projects were developed at the request of sultans. As was the practice of all great sovereigns, the Ottoman sultans constructed huge houses of worship, monumental mauseloums and enormous public works inscribed with panegyrics praising their achivements ensuring that their names and the values for which they stood would live on. THis book is a rich and colorful compilation of these magnificent projects, from Antoine Bouvard's canal project, from Munif Pasha's grand Ottoman park project to D'Aronco's Turkish-Greek War victory monument project, and many other brilliant projects. It includes exclusive photographs and first hand drawings of the projects, many of which have remained on paper and hidden in archives for centuries.
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Turan Sahin
Turan Sahin

Turan Sahin (Sahin) is an aspiring researcher of the Ottoman history, based in Istanbul, Turkey.