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Islamic Art and Architecture: Memories of Seljuk and Ottoman Masterpieces

by Laurelie Rae

Splendid drawings and photos of the interior and exterior of Islamic architectural monuments will transport you to the ancient land of the Seljuks and Ottomans

: Aug 21, 2015 • 148 Pages • 26 x 31,6 • ISBN 9781935295815
: Art & Photography, Backlist, History,
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In her richly illustrated book, artist and author, Laurelie Rae, shares her memories of some of the most beautiful and historical monuments in Turkey. Join her on your journey through Asia Minor—one of the world’s oldest and most important trade route along the Silk Road, wandering through the ancient streets of the Ottoman capitals of Istanbul, Edirne and Bursa or entering into a Seljuk stone carved masterpiece throughout Anatolia.This book includes lavish monuments from the time of the Seljuks to the early and high Ottoman eras, including the Topkapi Palace, the Sultanate mosques complexes, colleges, hospitals, public baths and water fountains. Rae’s splendid drawings of the interior and exterior of the monuments and the inspirational text accompanying them with a focus on historical, cultural and architectural elements will transport you to the ancient land of the Seljuks and the Ottomans. Let the illustrations and the colorful photos be a guide to the vast world of Turkish Islamic Art and Architecture as you forge your own path and discover the treasures the Seljuks and Ottomans left behind.
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Chapter 1
Hagia Sophia and the Historic Peninsula9
Hagia Sophia10
Chapter 2
The Elusive Seljuks21
Alaeddin Mosque Complex23
Divriği Grand Mosque and Hospital27
Karatay Madrasa31
Sahip Ata Mosque Complex33
İnce Minareli Madrasa37
Gök (Blue) Madrasa40
Çifte Minareli Madrasa45
Rumi Tomb and Sufi Lodge48
Chapter 3
The Building of an Empire: The Early Ottomans53
İznik Yeşil (Green) Mosque55
Ulu (Grand) Mosque57
Eski (Old) Mosque63
Bursa Yeşil (Green) Mosque66
Yeşil (Green) Tomb71
Muradiye Mosque74
Üç Şerefeli Mosque79
Eyüp Sultan Mosque Complex82
Chapter 4
The Masterpieces of the Ottoman Empire87
Topkapı Palace88
Şehzade Mosque Complex96
Mihrimah Sultan mosques (Üsküdar and Edirnekapı)101
Süleymaniye Mosque Complex108
Rüstem Pasha Mosque115
Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque Complex118
Selimiye Mosque Complex123
Kılıç Ali Pasha Mosque Complex129
Yeni (New) Mosque133
Sultanahmet Mosque Complex136
Saliha Sultan Water Fountain143
Nuru Osmaniye Mosque Complex145

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Laurelie Rae
Laurelie Rae

Laurelie Rae is a Canadian Muslim visual artist with a passion for architecture and ornamentation. She is currently an M.A. candidate at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in Central London where she is researching the traditional techniques of Islamic Arts. In Montreal she focused on Drawing, Painting and Art History, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2011. Lead by her love for architecture, patterns and geometry she moved to Istanbul in 2013 to pursue her research while studying the traditional Iznik ceramics process which she continues today. She hopes to use art as a catalyst for tolerance and acceptance between cultures while sharing the vast beauties of Islamic Art and Architecture.