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The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

by Seracettin Sahin

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts Containing more than

: Apr 20, 2010 • 373 Pages • 27 x 31,5 • ISBN 9781935295020
: 9781935295020
: Art & Photography, Backlist,
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Containing more than 40,000 pieces art from the Seljuk and Ottoman empires as well as other Muslim civilizations, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts is a rich and inspiring place to visit. The best of their collection—from stone, wood, and ceramic pieces to handmade carpets and calligraphy-filled manuscripts—is vividly presented in this lustrous guide. This is a must for all libraries and those specializing in the study of Islamic or Turkish-Islamic art.

The author is the head of the Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul. He has worked as the director of various museums and is a specialist in Turkish art history.

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Seracettin Sahin
Seracettin Sahin

Seracettin Sahin graduated from Ankara University, Department of Ancient Languages and Cultures in 1982. In 1985 he started working as a museum expert in Van. He has worked as head of several museums, including the museum of Ayasofya. Currently, he is the head of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. Throughout his career, Sahin has joined many studies and excavations.

Seracettin Sahin has organized many exhibitions at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, such as the “Search for beauty in different cultures” in 2007. He was presented with a congratulatory medal by the president of Poland in 2007.