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Resource Mobilization in Gulen-Inspired Hizmet

by Sanaa El-Banna

: Jun 15, 2014 • 102 Pages • 6 x 9 inches • ISBN 9781935295440
: Current Affairs, Current Affairs,
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This book grew out of author's deep interest in Muslim social movements, their interaction with modern society, and their response and contributions to global transformation. Its aim is to explore a part of the work of a peaceful, faith-inspired, transnational social movement known as the Hizmet Movement (also referred to in academia as the Gulen Movement), which represents a rising trend of philanthropic social activism around the world and increasingly now in the Muslim world.

This particular movement is inspired by a Turkish Islamic scholar, Fethullah Gulen, and became active in Turkey and subsequently around the world from the 1970s onward. Her own interest in the movement was piqued between 2007 and 2010, a period in which some of its organizations started to publicize themselves actively in Egypt through joint projects between El-Nil Center of Language and Hira’ Magazine on one side and the Center for Civilizational Studies and Dialogue Among Cultures in Cairo University on the other. In October 2009 she participated in a major conference titled “The Future of Reform in the Muslim World: Experiences in Comparison with the Gulen Movement,”
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Chapter 1: Muslims in Modernity
Classifying the Hizmet Movement
Theoretical framework
Sources of data
Outline of the book
Chapter 2: Hizmet in Turkey
The transformation of cemaats under the Republic
A select biography of Fethullah Gülen
Structural and operational concepts of Hizmet
Local circles
Collective decision making and board of trustees
Personal commitment and passion for giving
Donation and migration
Good conduct
Embodiment of ideals vs direct preaching
Just ends and means
Chapter 3: Hizmet in London
Hizmet’s socio-economic background in London
The evolution of Hizmet in London
The local circles level of the Hizmet Movement
The organizational level of the Hizmet Movement
The Dialogue Society
The Mevlana Rumi Mosque
The supply side: Micro-mobilization
Chapter 4: Hizmet’s Know-how
Organizational structure, functions, and rules
Participation and relationships
Material and financial resources
Chapter 5: A New Type of Social Movement
Hizmet’s strategic adaptivism
Moral resources
Socio-organizational resources
Human resources
Material resources
The Islamic nature of Hizmet
Glossary of Turkish and Arabic terms

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Sanaa El-Banna
Sanaa El-Banna

Sanaa El-Banna is a senior teaching assistant in the Department of Political Science at the University of Cairo. After graduating from the University of Cairo, she persuaded postgraduate studies in sociology and political science at the American University in Cairo, and the University of Cambridge. She is currently studying Islamic theology at Al-Azhar University and holds teaching and research responsibilities for the University of Cairo.