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Seljuk Cuisine: A Chef’s Quest for His Soulmate

by Omur Akkor

The international award-winning food writer and chef Omur Akkor’s journey through healthy and rich Seljuk Turkish cuisine

: Sep 15, 2014 • 208 Pages • 6.5 x 8.25 inches • ISBN 9781935295549
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Many empires have left their mark on Anatolian culture. And above all, these diverse influences can be seen in the varied cuisines eaten all over modern day Turkey. In his book Seljuk Cuisine, Omur Akkor looks at the cuisine of one of the earliest empires to come to Anatolia, the Seljuks. Through storytelling and history-rich recipes, Akkor shows how deeply food was intertwined with everyday life during the Seljuk period. Through a vibrant and engaging narrative, he provides a window into what the Seljuks ate in their Dervish lodges and palaces, in their markets and homes. Then he lists many of those recipes, so that you can eat the same food the Seljuks ate many centuries ago. Part short story, part history book, and part cookbook, Seljuk Cuisine brings ancient history to life—and into your kitchen.
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Akkor, M. Omur. Seljuk Cuisine: A Chef’s Quest for His Soulmate. Blue Dome Pr. 2014. 198p. photos. ISBN 9781935295549. pap. $29.95. COOKING

Akkor (Ottoman Cuisine) is a chef and food historian, who has researched and re-created lost cookery from the forgotten corners of Turkey’s history. This volume on Seljuk cooking begins with stories from the year 1236 and the dishes prepared for the dervish lodge. Readers are immediately transported to the 13th century, as Akkor concentrates on the importance of food to the culture. Descriptions of the preparations for iftar (the fast-breaking dinner) for Ramadan at the Kubadabad Palace include a discussion of the method of preparing stale bread for the tirit with lentils and sugar by a kitchen worker, who narrates his developing understanding of cookery and palace life. These stories are followed by the author’s, as he researches and connects to the ancient cuisine. ¬Akkor features recipes for soups, snacks, banquet dishes, desserts, sherbets, and drinks. The recipes are simple, and, apart from the odd sheep’s head, easily obtainable, but are the authentic foods of the Seljuk empires. ¬

VERDICT This unique cookbook with beautiful illustrations will be a welcome companion to Turkish-studies collections and an unusual addition to cookbook collections.

—Melissa Stearns, Franklin Pierce Univ. Lib., Rindge, NH
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Omur Akkor
Omur Akkor

M. Omur (Omur) Akkor (1975), a gourmet chef, was born in Kilis, Turkey, and graduated from Uludag University with a degree in Economics. Currently, he is working on his second degree in “Cultural Heritage and Tourism.” He researches the local and forgotten cuisines of Turkey. For this purpose, Akkor has visited 71 cities and hundreds of towns within Turkey. In addition to his degree, he works on nationally broadcast TV programs and writes articles on food culture and travel in nationally distributed magazines in Turkey. His book, Bursa Mutfagi (The Cuisine of Bursa), won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award and the Best Local Cuisine Book Award in 2009. Akkor also won the Gourmand Cookbook Award for the Best Culinary History Book in 2012, and the Best Corporate Book in 2014.