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Topkapi Palace: Milestones in Ottoman History

by Ilber Ortayli

Topkapi Palace: Milestones in Ot

: Apr 30, 2010 • 276 Pages • 26,5 x 32,5 • ISBN 9781935295006
: 9781935295006
: History, Backlist,
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This illustrated guide to Topkapi Palace—the former capital of the Ottoman Empire—reveals the historic art pieces and sacred relics contained within and explores Ottoman history as it relates to specific sections of the palace. Ortayli, a famed Turkish historian and scholar, provides an enjoyable background information to almost every picture in the book. Any person interested in the Ottoman history and Middle Eastern history would enjoy reading this book. With an elegantly designed cover and interior, it is a great source for libraries and art museums are potential buyers of this book.

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Ilber Ortayli
Ilber Ortayli

Ilber Ortayli (born in 1947, Bregenz, Austria), is a leading Turkish historian, professor of history at the Galatasaray University in Istanbul and at Bilkent University in Ankara. In 2005, he was appointed as the director of the Topkapi Museum, until he retired in 2012. He has published articles on Ottoman and Russian history, particular emphasis on cities and the history of public administration, diplomatic, cultural and intellectual history.