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Turkey’s Democracy Saga

by Ali Bulac

An ideal introduction to grasping interventionist politics in Turkey, its relationship with the US, Israel, the Middle East, and its role in regional conflicts

: Jun 15, 2015 • 332 Pages • 6 x 9 inches • ISBN 9781935295785
: Backlist, Current Affairs,
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Over the last decade, the Middle East has been in a state of extraordinary, at times violent, flux. Once the region’s biggest empire, then its “model” democracy, and always the bridge between the region and the West, Turkey has played a unique role in these movements—sometimes as inspirational model, sometimes as actor, and sometimes as observer.In this collection of essays, Ali Bulac eruditely addresses issues as diverse as Turkey’s uphill battle for democracy, its relationship with global powers, the Kurdish issue, the AKP-Hizmet row, and the Erdogan administration’s escalating authoritarianism and its horrific attacks on free speech and the rule of law in an attempt to cover up massive government corruption. Bulac leverages a wealth of knowledge to dissect Turkey’s vital role in the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Israel, and he uses his position as a government outsider to examine Turkey’s internal dynamics from a fresh perspective. With unprecedented insight, searing commentary, and a profound intellect, these essays by Ali Bulac form an ideal introduction to the socio-cultural and political canvas of both Turkey and the Middle East
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Ali Bulac
Ali Bulac

Ali Bulac is a prolific scholar, sociologist, and writer, authoring more than twenty books on sociology, Islam, Qur’anic commentary, democracy, modernism, postmodernism, and contemporary Turkish and Middle Eastern politics. Bulac is a prominent columnist writing extensively on political, socio-cultural, and historic issues in both Zaman, Turkey’s largest daily, and its close sibling Today’s Zaman, Turkey’s number one English language Daily.