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When Zero Died

by Sermed Ogretim

Full of sharp intelligence, humor and pathos, the stories in the book explore what it means to lead a selfless life in this modern age of globalization.

: Oct 15, 2014 • 194 Pages • 5 x 7.75 • ISBN 9781935295525
: Fiction,
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An old man shares his secret for happiness. The two halves of the brain debate the meaning of life. A young man explains why he chose life over death. An explorer and his team are trapped in a hostile environment, the fate of their extremely important mission in doubt. A common tradesman must solve an unanswered question to win the love of a princess; he seeks the answer with a reclusive hermit deep in the mountains. The stories in When Zero Died aren’t ordinary: They draw on some of the oldest, classic forms in storytelling—allegory and myth—to explore what it means to live a thoughtful, selfless life in a chaotic, selfish world. They blur the line between science and religion to show how deeply interconnected the world, and everything in it, really is. Full of sharp intelligence, humor, and pathos, When Zero Died will make you think about how perfectly ordered and designed the universe is, and will force you to re-consider how you live your own life.
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Sermed Ogretim
Sermed Ogretim

Sermed Ogretim, Ph.D. is an aeronautical engineer who is also actively into creative writing, ice skating and acting. When Zero Died is his first book composed of stories that present original perspectives on life, nature, and human experience. These writings aren’t mere philosophical essays nor are they similar to other stories we are used to seeing on the shelves: When zero died, Hearing the light, Remembering the super victim, and others... They are literally extraordinary; hence the name of the book. He is married, and has three sons.